1. Managing Director
Minorities in Hospitality (MiH) was established in 1998 and since then has provided an advocacy forum for minorities within the hospitality industry.
Member Spotlight: Lenny White

Lenny White of Pride Photography Inc. is an event and fashion photographer located in Indianapolis, IN. His creative and technical experiences span five decades. Consequently, Lenny has refined and mastered the ability to capture the essence of each event whether it is related to the fashion industry, a corporate event or a personal celebration. His work has appeared in several online and print publications such as, Zo Magazine, The Indianapolis Recorder, Who's Who Indianapolis and ExploreDance.com.  Additionally, his expertise recently afforded him the
opportunity to travel abroad and capture fashion events in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Lenny enjoys participating in local art shows and looks forward to sharing new and
thought-provoking works. He has several collaborations, with other local artists, planned and in process that are sure to produce visually exciting imagery. Finally, Lenny believes in sharing his knowledge of photography with others to demonstrate his appreciation for all whom have helped him throughout his photographic career.